Tips on building a dream house

Simple houses can indeed be synonymous with subsidized small houses of government that; yes, if you can say that; still often problematic, especially in the matter of construction. But do not interpret it as an attitude of disrespect for government efforts to ensure that every citizen has a home, or private initiative to design low-cost living spaces and dwellings, but in fact, the design of such a simple house is sometimes too simple,

Albert Einstein said, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Something must be designed or made as simple as possible, but not really simple, especially considering the process. Many elements and elements are also factors that should be really taken care of.

Here are some tips on designing a dream home; simple home design, yet full of meaning and very comfortable and of course affordable quoted from think architect.

Tips on building a dream house

Keep it small

When we look at the houses around us, we see one common problem, the building looks too big. How much space do you really need?

Instead of building a bigger house, it’s better to throw away the unused stuff. Why put some broken tools in the basement, worn out clothes, and do you really need them anyway? The matter is really simple; most families do not need more than a 200-square-foot home, unless your home is inhabited by more than 5 people.

Avoid the hassle

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